jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Fall in Love

Sometimes I think Love is just a lie, or maybe love wasn't made for everyone, or not everybody was made to love... I don't know... But sometimes I get really depress 'cause I look around, and suddenly everyone has a couple, everybody has someone to lie on when they're down or something; & then I look next to me & there's NO ONE! & I think maybe someday someone will show up, & I'll be happy... but I'm 17 ...and I've never found even one person who loves me just for what I am.
Even my parents want to change me, they want me to be a different person, & that's something that shows me that I have to change. & that's not what love means to me.

& then I know someone who tells me "i love you" but then, they change with me, & I feel insecure... how am I supposed to feel if one day someone tells me "I'm yours, i love you more than you can notice" and the next day that someone sends an e-mail to you being cold & distant... what is that supposed to mean?
& then comes all my sensitive side, & I see a serie or a movie or something & I end up crying 'cause nobody likes me; and then the love for myself get lost, I think that everybody has someone who loves them, but I'm so fucking disgusting, I'm such a waste that no one wants to love me, and I don't blame them.

I think I just have to wait, and learn to don't get depress, that's what I have to live... GET USED TO IT, FUCKER! :/

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