martes, 6 de octubre de 2009


Well... I have so many things to say, but Im not gonna write about everything at all.
My best friend & I are back to normal, I guess... & I just love him.... I can't explcain it & I'm fucked up, i can't believe that we have less then a month to see each other, and then... i don't know, it makes me sad i guess :/

eh... besides, I'm taking pill everyday, I wanna be sedated... I haven't eat nothing since yesterday, & it kinds feel good, i dunno.... I want to lose some weigh
& today i ask a friend to buy some pot, & he had a friend who sells, so... I'll buy it, & I hope I can spoke it with Cristian... I'd like that, he knows whats happening to me right now, it's kinda funny, 'cause we know each other, but we start talking in msn, and I haven't seen him like... personally since, i dunno, three years ao or something, but I just trust in him, and i can tell him everything is going on, and always gives me good advices and stuff, so.. I'd like to spend some time with him smoking hope, i think it'd be great
and that's it I guess... I have to go back to classes, fucking classes :/

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