miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

Give me Novacaine

I fell like shit, once again... but isn't 'cause I'm just down, ... I guess it's cause I took too many pills today... I mean, I have to take half of the pill, but I just took Three or something, I can't remember, But I feel like shit, my ehad is gonna explode & I want to vomit...
Beside, I feel kinda lonely & stupid today, I'm in the edge of a nervous breakdown or something.
My friends just left me, & I'm getting tired of trying to be what everyone want me to be,
I'm sick of pretend I am something I'm really not!!! }& I'm fucking tired of listening to everybody telling me : "YOU HAVE TO CHANGE!" Why do I have to change? I do I have to be like everybody is out there? Is fucking stupid, but I think that makes me even more stupid, 'cause I listent to them, & I just ca't stop thinking bout it... I feel like shit, and take pills and shit :/
I need a fix!

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