lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

No introduction!

Fuck... I think life is a bitch... & I just can't help complain about everything... so, I think this shit is gonna be like my conscience or something like that... I mean, I know nobody is gonna find this, & I know nobody will even care so... I'll write every little thing I have in my head from now on...
Why in english? 'cause that's the way I think when I'm really pissed off... I'm not sure why if I speak spanish ... I think nevermind anyways.... I mean... fuck it with that, I have better things to complain about like... I dunno, so many things, but I won't write those things right now 'cause it's kinda late, & I have to finish some homework & shit... fucking school, I just want to drop out that shit right now... I don't even know why I'm still there... future? life? money? Maybe.. but I don't think that really matter, I mean... I think it's more like... for don't let my family down more then if I'd do it for my self [I'm sure I wrote that wrong, who cares a fuck? ]

& I think that is for today... I'm gonna finish the biology homework, & then I'll go to bed. Fucking tired! :/

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